3 Of The Best Areas of London You Need To Explore

London is full of incredible districts for you to explore, but we’re here with three of our favourites! Whether you want to do some exploring, enjoy food and drink or just get to know the city a bit better, these are some of the best places that you should be visiting. From the edgier sides to educational and overall best places, we’ve got it all covered here. So, let’s get into it and help you plan your next trip to the big city!


First up we have Knightsbridge, a wonderful part of London just south of Hyde Park. This is known for being one of the most prestigious areas of the city, but it’s also known for its incredible food and drink, as well as some of the country’s, if not the world’s, most iconic museums. Head into the area and choose Knightsbridge parking, then enjoy your day! We love to start the day with a coffee and cake (because why not?!) at Peggy Porschen, a stunning and very instagrammable cafe that you’ll fall in love with. Then, walk over to where all of the museums are, including the Natural History Museum, The Victoria and Albert Museum, and many more! These are all free and within a couple of minutes walk of each other. Then, head back towards the car park where you will come across so many amazing restaurants to enjoy a bite to eat before you head home.


If you want to see a different, slightly edgier side to London, then Camden is the place to go. Known as the hub of counter culture in London, this area is packed with incredible independent restaurants and shops, a thriving nightlife and some great attractions. You’re right by London Zoo and Regents Park, so you could plan a full day in the area including these big tourist attractions. We’d definitely recommend visiting Camden Market, which has over 1,000 shops and stalls selling fashion, music, art and food, making it a fantastic day out. It’s easy to get to and a wonderful place for the whole family, no matter what you are looking to do for the day.

Covent Garden

Last but not least, we have Covent Garden, a fantastic area of London that gives you a bit of everything! Wonderful restaurants, great shopping and so much street entertainment. You’re also just around the corner from the West End, so this is a perfect day out overall if you’re going to see a show. Have a wander round, enjoy some great food and drink, then finish your day with an iconic show in one of the best theatre regions in the world. Covent Garden is so easily accessible, whether you choose parking in central London or you get the tube or bus if you want to have a drink. If you want an overview of what London has to offer and you want to experience the real buzz of the city, Covent Garden is the place to be.