Five Reasons You Should Make Egypt Your Next Tourist Destination

Egypt is truly a fascinating place to visit. That is because it is home to some of the oldest and mind puzzling monuments on earth. In fact, did you know that archeologists belive that it is one of the places where civilization began?

For several years now, Egypt has been battling with a false reputation as a dangerous or even unsafe place to travel. However, in reality, Egypt as a country is safe to visit as a tourist, and therefore, there is nothing to fear or feel uncertain about. The question is, why is sacrifice experiencing some of the most amazing things in favor of a familiar destination? Where is the adventure in that?

In this short document, we are going to list some of the reasons why you should give Egypt a chance as your tourist destination.

i) Hospitality

Egypt is a remarkable country known for its warm and hospitable people. In fact, if you do some research, you will find many comments about how welcoming the Egyptians are. In fact, many people return to their country full of stories to share including Egyptian generosity. While in Egypt, it is common to receive a genuine invitation to someone’s home with the aim of sharing a meal as his or her guest.

When you visit Egypt’s local markets and stalls, you are more likely to receive gifts when buying goods. A majority of the traders will want you to have something that will remind you of Egypt. You do not get this hospitality in many countries.

ii) Unique Experience

In Egypt, you will surely experience a unique experience. For example, visiting the country will see you cruising down the most popular river Nile, hovering around the deserts using a hot-air balloon, visiting different ancient cities and monuments, camel trekking, and more.

Let us not forget about the most popular and among the leading world warders, which are the pyramids and other ancient Egyptian wonders like the sphinx and royal tombs. All these are unique experiences that you will never get from visiting other countries.

iii) Lack Of Crowds At Tourist Hotspots

Another advantage of visiting Egypt is the lack of crowds at tourist hotspots and historical sites. In Egypt, you will not fight through a sea of people. The Egyptian government takes this benefit seriously. Only tourists are allowed at these historic places and therefore do not expect to find a crowd of people wandering aimlessly or trying to sell you something. This gives you as the tourist the opportunity to take your time to view these sites closely at their intricate details without being elbowed out of the way.

iv) Opportunity To Support The Locals

The Egyptian government has set a place where tourists are given the opportunity to support local people. This means that as a tourist, you get an opportunity to experience the local cuisines, buy traditional goods, get unique local handmade products, and much more. Of course, this gives you an opportunity to chat with people and learn more about their culture. When staying in Egypt I would recommend the Albatros royal grand sharm.

v) Money Value

There are few places in the world where you will travel and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience without breaking the bank; Egypt is one of those places. That is because traveling to Egypt is very affordable and everything related to your tour is.

Remember, price haggling is part of Egyptian culture. Therefore, if you wish to save even more money, you can spend some time negotiating the price, especially at the bazaar. Indeed Egypt is a great place to visit and there is nothing to worry about.