Traditional gift ideas for St. Patrick’s Day

Every year on March 17th, the Irish all over the world celebrate their most important holiday- St. Patrick’s Day. Also known as Paddy’s Day, it is a day of celebration of the heritage, history, culture, and the patron saint of the Emerald Isle himself. Whether you’re Irish yourself and you’re looking for some traditional presents for your family or you have Irish friends whom you’d like to bring presents on this day, we’re here to give you a few gift ideas that will be for everyone’s taste and budget.

Home decorations

Home decor pieces can make a wonderful present for St. Patrick’s Day, especially for a new family. Look for items like green-colored candles, picture frames, ornaments, and other home décor items that match the theme of the celebration. Wall blessings are an excellent present idea, since you can find a blessing for any occasion and make the owners of the home feel more protected and connected to their ancestors. Plus, today many of these blessings are made of brass which makes them durable, so that this present can be enjoyed for many years to come.


Irish and Celtic-inspired scarves are not only great St. Patrick’s Day present ideas, but also trendy accessories that the receiver of the gift can easily wear with casual outfits. Look for green accessories, those with traditional motifs like the Celtic knot, or national symbols such as the shamrock. Get your friends or family members a shamrock scarf as it will perfectly match the theme of St. Patrick’s Day and will also be a thoughtful way of making sure that they stay warm and protected at all times. To make this gift even more elegant, get a scarf ring as well: it will add a dash of chic and sophistication to any look.


Jewelry is a popular gift for any occasion, and St. Patrick’s Day is no exception, especially since even the Celts were known for creating their great torcs and brooches. If you’re booking for a piece of jewelry that will be a safe choice and would match everyone’s taste, look no further than the Claddagh ring. It is composed of three distinctive elements: the heart that represents love, the crown that symbolizes loyalty, and two hands that stand for friendship. No matter whom you’re shopping for, this ring is sure to be to their liking. Apart from the Claddagh ring, jewelry items with green stones or those that are decorated with shamrocks also make amazing presents for this occasion.

Home Cooked meal

Lastly, let’s not forget that the best presents are those made with your own hands. If you have an Irish friend who misses home and you’d like to surprise them or if you’re the family cook who’s known for their delicious food, this St. Patrick’s Day try cooking a traditional Irish meal. If you don’t have a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, there are plenty of tasty recipes online, so choose one for your liking and enjoy the process! You can try something easy like the Dublin Coddle that will make great use of your leftovers or you can go for something that requires more skills like the Irish stew or the famous soda bread.