Which country has the best safaris in the world?

Over the years, safaris have evolved, and it is no longer about hunting only. Nowadays, safaris have evolved to taking pictures and watching wildlife from a jeep. Even though Africa remains one of the best continents with natural wildlife, other countries are attractive too. Nevertheless, other continents spring up. Dubai Safari Desert is among the newest you should visit. Below are some of the best safari destinations in the world.


Among all the African countries with safaris, Botswana seems to be forward-thinking in its approach to preserving wildlife. It has several national parks, and its game reserves make it worth it. Moreover, Botswana’s anti-poaching methods are very strict. Since 2014, Botswana has banned commercial hunting. Botswana has a vast elephant herd, and they have canon-based safaris.


Another amazing country with several safaris in Kenya. They have a lot of national parks with millions of wildebeests, zebras, and other amazing animals. Also, Kenya has over 20 national parks and 16 national reserves. Furthermore, you can find more than 390 species of mammals. To tour Kenya safaris, it will take more than a month.


Malawi is another country with interesting safaris. Even though Malawi is not as big as Botswana and Kenya, they have a lot of wildlife. One of the most visited areas for tourists going to Malawi is the Lake National Park. Also, Malawi is home to more than 200 mammals and other creatures. 


Namibia is a small country that inhabits more than 250 mammals. Interestingly, the entire population of Namibians is not out of 2 million. More so, Namibia has 12 national parks and beautiful landscapes. In addition, the Cape Cross Seal Reserve is one of the most protected reserves in Namibia.


The truth is that safaris have become a big business for countries that focus on tourism to earn revenue. Safaris help you have a feel of what the animals look like. Ensure you reach a travel agent to learn how to visit the best safaris in the world. Other countries that have deserts and convert them to safaris.