Why Are Cats The Most Abandoned Pets In Singapore? Lack Of Accountability And Sterilisation, Say Welfare Groups

The hospital recorded a low prevalence of diabetes, heartworm, and kidney disease. Pet nutritionist Anjali Kalachand highlights the significance of personalised diets for pets primarily based on their distinctive needs. Spaying and neutering are frequent surgical procedures performed Pets News on pets to sterilize them. A video of groomers from a pet clinic in Thane violently abusing Tofu, a Chow Chow, throughout a grooming session has sparked outrage. Rajya Sabha MP Saket Gokhale has proposed amendments to the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 , including growing fines and imprisonment.

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  • Hurricane Michael devastated the South, leaving no less than 11 dead.
  • “Cats are deceivingly straightforward to look after. People do not realise how easy it is for cats to reproduce. Many of those households can not address the popular explosion, so that they abandon their cats,” she stated.