Carry-on essentials to bring on the plane for an easy flight

No matter if you suffer from aerophobia or you’re used to flying 50 times a year, getting on a plane can often make you anxious and in times like these it’s important to be prepared for everything. Here are some items that you should bring on the plane if you want to have an easy and relaxing flight.


We’re always very optimistic when it comes to traveling and we rarely consider the risk of getting sick, but it is better to be safe than sorry and to pack some medication into your luggage. Start with some over-the-counter medications such as painkillers, allergy pills, and bandaids. If you travel across the country or overseas, don’t forget the motion and jet lag medication; even if you’ve never needed it before, you don’t know how your body will react to these factors this time. Lastly, think about what you usually take, be it vitamins or dietary supplements, and pack them as well.

Comfortable clothes

The way you dress is very important when traveling by plane, especially if you have a long flight ahead. Did you know that the reason why it is always cold in the cabins is because it prevents people from fainting and feeling sick during the flight? This is why for many professional travelers, wearing a cardigan became a real find, since it can protect you from the chilly air on the plane but in comparison to a hoodie or a sweater you can easily take it off if you feel hot. Moreover, a knit cardigan can also serve as a pillow or a blanket if the company that you fly with doesn’t provide those.


In order to have an enjoyable and stress-free journey, make sure you pack all the needed  documents before the flight. Your passport and boarding pass are the most important things without which you won’t even board the plane, but other documents like the travel insurance, proof of vaccination, bookings, visas or special entry documents are also very important and shouldn’t be missed from your carry-on. To be completely sure that you didn’t forget anything and you won’t have any problems once crossing the borders, we also recommend making copies of all your documents and keeping them organized in a folder.


During long flights, it is important not only to bring things that will make you feel more comfortable, but also those that can entertain you especially if you’re one of those people who can’t fall asleep on the plane. It is better to bring a printed or at least an electronic book than to use your phone or laptop, because it will help you relax, it will be easier on your eyes, and won’t cause you any headaches. Plus,  you are less likely to get distracted while reading on the plane, so if you have a book that you’ve been wanting to start reading for a while, consider packing it into your carry-on.