Tips For Staying Active When You’re Travelling!

When you’re travelling it can be hard to make being active a priority, however it can help you to feel great and really make the most of your time away. Now, we’re not suggesting that you do crazy workouts or run for hours, but these are easy things you can do that will easily fit into your usual holiday or travel routine but will just help you to feel like yourself. So, pack your womens gymwear and get ready to stay active whilst enjoying your trip!

Explore By Foot

Our first tip is a really simple one, explore the place you’re visiting by foot! Of course there will be some places that you need transport to get to, but wherever you can, walk instead of using public transport or taxis. For example, if you’re exploring Paris, leave the open top bus tour and instead, get some comfy trainers on and enjoy exploring by foot!

You will get so much more of an understanding about what the place is like when you’re walking around, so we’d really recommend this both for your health and to get the most out of your trip. If you’d prefer to, hiring bikes to explore somewhere local is also a great way to move your body and get a different perspective on wherever you are!

Go On Local Hikes

If you’re somewhere quite remote, then we’d always recommend going on local hikes. The views that you will get should be absolutely stunning, plus it’s a great way to stay active. Start your day with a nice filling breakfast, go on a hike in the morning whilst it’s not quite as hot and then enjoy a nice relaxing evening! Lots of places will have guided hikes or group ones, so you can meet new people as well which is also a benefit. Some even coincide with other activities, like cooking classes or boat trips so do a bit of research and you’re sure to find something fun in the area you’re heading to!


Swimming is fantastic for your health, so if you’re near a pool or beach, get swimming! There’s just something special about being outside and enjoying the water, so fitting in even a small swim will help to get your body moving and set you up for the day. Just make sure if you’re going swimming in the sea its a safe area for swimming and of course only go in if you’re a confident swimmer!

Outdoor Yoga

Another great way to get your body moving whilst enjoying the local scenery is to throw on a loungewear set and do some outdoor yoga! This might be on the beach, at sunset or in a local park, and you should give it a go whether you’re into yoga or not! Yoga has so many benefits for our mind and body, plus it will help you to really relax so is a great thing to do towards the start of your trip to help you get into holiday mode.